"Fashion Concierge" is an innovative new retail channel for the fashion industry, which combines the advantages of stationary retail with those of e-commerce.


1The fashion retail industry recognizes the need to further evolve but there is a lack of the right concepts. The tendency is to connect the two main existing channels rather than improving them.

The Concept

2In a new type of stationary store, less focus is put on the physical availability of the merchandise, leaving more room for new services and tecnologies, to create an ultimate shopping experience.

How it works

3In contrast to ordinary stationary shops, “Fashion Concierge” stores contain little to no merchandise. Instead, a wide selection is presented on large multi-touch screens which are embedded in tables.


4Massive savings in rent costs, off‐priced sales and returns are the result. This makes the proposed high level of personal attention possible. The reduced space requirements also make new store locations possible.